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“With every mistake, we must surely be learning.”    - George Harrison      

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Conferences and Workshops Where I Will Be Presenting in 2016

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FETC Orlando Jan 12-14                               WI CTM Green Lake May 5-6                                     

New Braunfels Austin Jan 19                         iPad Palooza Austin Jun 22-24                                             MTSU Nashville Sep 23-24

TCEA Austin Feb 1-2                                     Exeter NH Jun 26 – Jul 1                                                 ATMNE Manchester NH Oct 20-21

SDCTM Huron SD Feb 4-6                            CAMT San Antonio Jun 29 – Jul 1                                                NCTM Phoenix Oct 26-28

T3 Orlando Feb 25-28                                     Taft Ed Center Watertown CT Jul 17-22                          OCTM Sandusky Oct 27-28

KCM Lexington Mar 7-8                                 ***week-long math technology conference INFO                   NCTM Philadelphia Oct 31 – Nov 1

ICTCM Atlanta Mar 11-13                              MI CTM Traverse City July 26-28                                           CMC South Palm Springs Nov 4-5

NCSM Oakland Apr 11-13                              New Braunfels Austin Aug 1-2                                                AMTNYS Buffalo Nov 10-12

NCTM San Francisco Apr 13-15                    PCTM Seven Springs Aug 4-5                                              NCTM St. Louis Nov 16-18

ND STEM Grand Forks Apr 22-23                 Math/Tech Funshop Youngstown Aug 8-11

MN CTM Duluth Apr 29-30                             ***4-day math technology conference

                                                                             with graduate credit option



Math activities to do on special days in 2016

Super Bowl 50 Scores       Groundhog Day           Valentine's Day       Pi Day         

St. Patrick’s Day                March Madness      more to be added during the year.


My blog

Prius verus Corolla Activity           My Favorite Math Ed Books More...


Some of My Favorite Activities (Gifts)

CCSS Activities                 Problem Solving Strategies                     THE Great Applied Problem

Wind Chill Activity              Big Bang Theory Math Video Clips   TI-83/84 Tips & Tricks and TI-SmartView


Professional Development Includes

Problem Solving Strategies          Integrating Appropriate Technology             Excellent Questioning Techniques

TI-83/84 TI-SmartView                 TI-Nspire handhelds, software, iPad app             SMART Boards

iPad ideas                                    Math Practices                                                  Programming for each student

Creative Math Activities                Individualized Problems and Assessments

Ideas from: Jo Boaler, Cathy Seeley, Dylan Wiliam, Carol Dweck

Contact me to discuss your needs and my availability: tom@tomreardon.com




Current Favorite Links

TI-83/84 Coding       TI-Nspire Coding        TI’s Home Page


1000+ FREE Activities for TI-Nspire                FREE Activities for TI-83/84

TI-SmartView CE (color!) 90-day Trial          Free TI-Nspire Teacher Software 1 Year





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